Rolf Benz 574

Perfectly shaped and in a timeless design, the new motorized functional Rolf Benz 574 armchair can be smoothly moved into your personal desired position, operated intuitively using invisible touch sensors that are integrated between the armrest and seat cushion. The headrest can be manually adjusted to the desired position. The lounge chairs, each available in 2 sizes, are all-round matched to the Rolf Benz EGO (571), Rolf Benz 50 (572), Rolf Benz NUVOLA (573) and Rolf Benz CARA (574) sofa ranges, but also cut a perfect figure as a solitary. The upholstery can be chosen in accordance with your tastes (firm, medium or Lounge Plus). A swivel cross foot (polished aluminium or traffic black) or a swivel star foot (traffic black, umbra grey or chrome-plated steel) ensures maximum stability.